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Greg Manos / President and C.E.O. / CELL: (951) 454-0889

We are an innovative leader representing a 21st century company primarily focused on Health and Wellness and a Healthy lifestyle.

All Natural Flavors is a Sparkling Flavored “Sugar Free” Beverage, (7) Flavors with No Carbohydrates, No Calories, No Caffeine, No Sodium, No Chemicals, No Aspartame or Nutra-Sweet, No Sugar Alcohols, and No After Taste, the only beverage available today sweetened 100% with Stevia and sold 24 / 20 oz. / 4 Packs to a case for Retail, a 24 / 20 oz. (4) Flavor Variety Pack case for Club Stores, and a 24 / 20 oz. Straight Flavor case for Distributors.

Created to help battle two of the biggest challenges we are faced with in America today, Child Obesity and the millions of Americans both adults and children suffering withTYPE 2 Diabetes. Our goal is to offerGOOD FOR YOU, BETTER FOR YOU beverage and food products as safer and healthier alternatives to main stream products available.

Greg Manos / President and C.E.O. has over 40 years experience in both the Food and Beverage industries at every level. A proven track record for creating business opportunities, his breadth of expertise, knowledge, and his lifetime of relationships are invaluable to the company.

15 years in the Grocery Business including 2 years with a major Grocery Chain as a Beverage Buyer than another 25 years in the Beer or Soft Drink Beverage business.

General Sales Manager for one of Anheiser Busch’s largest Budweiser Distributorships, Regional Sales Manager for Tecate Breweries of Mexico, than Regional Sales Manager for Labatt Breweries before switching to soft drink beverages.

Vice President for a San Francisco based Marketing and Product Development Company Greg was at the helm and the driving force behind the market introduction of several well recognized beverage products. “Evian Waters from France”, at the time bottled water was not available at retail, “THE ONLY WATER CONSUMERS DRANK WAS FROM THEIR WATER FAUCET AT HOME”. “Jolt Cola”, a crazy idea a guy from New York had, over (1) million case were sold in the first year. Finally Greg was instrumental in the introduction of a beverage that ultimately became a global success called “Clearly Canadian” selling over (2) million cases in its second year.

Making product lines household names and generating tens of millions of dollars in revenues was made to look easy for Greg so in November of 1992 he went out on his own and started a beverage company, Manos Beverages, Inc. and created (2) products, “All Natural Flavors”, a Sparkling, Flavored, “Sugar Free” Beverage unlike any other in the industry and a very unique line of Cocktail mixes called “Tropical Paradise” sold privately to institutional accounts.
A second company was formed in 2007 with (2) Asian partners after creating a new energy drink called “Jump Shot” exclusively for China.

Than in 2008 a third company Active Health Foods, Inc. was formed and a product called “Active X Energy Bars" were reintroduced to the retail market, (4) flavors, all 100% Organic “CERTIFIED”, 100% Natural, Vegan and Kosher “CERTIFIED” than (2) New and Exciting additions, “Active X Plus Energy Bar" and the “Active X Renal Bar”.

In order to stay competitive, in 2012 we have merged the two companies to form one alliance.


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